Saturday, November 27, 2010


I'm filled with such a mix of feelings as the day I begin my ride grows closer. Wondering how I'm going to handle being away from Jessica and Nisha for so long. I ache for them just imagining being away.
I so want to stay. Wrapped up in the comfort of our home, our life together. What am i doing. What a crazy idea.
Yet at the same time the anticipation is so exciting. What an adventure.
Eager to get underway. The long flight across the pacific. Landing in Auckland NZat 5:30 am. Getting the bike together and setting off. Day one.
Every once in awhile the full impact of what I have set in motion hits me. 4 months! 17weeks! 120 days! 2880 hours! Half of them on my bike. 29000 kilometers. Wow.
Then the whatifs set in...
Whatif these old joints can't take it.
Whatif a road train hits me along some desolate highway in australias outback
Whatif my bike gets wrecked in shipping from one continent to another
Whatif I don't have enough money
Whatif I can't handle the self imposed solitude
Whatif whatif whatif...
That's when I remind myself just how quick 4 months goes when I'm home. 4 months is nothing. One third of a year. No biggie. 3 times that long has already gone by since deciding to go for it. All too soon the whole thing will be behind me. Then what?
And when I get a bad case of the pre trip jitters I just scroll through these photos I borrowed from the Internet and I know... I'm going.
Ya I'm going. There is no turning back now.
Never was really.

Bruce Gordon

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