Sunday, November 21, 2010


Lets face it, there are so many charities and fundraisers to chose from. Unless you are directly involved with one because of recently publisized  media coverage on one disaster or another, aflicted with or know someone who is aflicted with a desease, or mental illness, etc, its hard to decide on one.

Collectively we all agree that the world could be and should be a better place and that it is up to us to change things. And collectively we recycle, and try to use less water, and drive less or slower at least. We talk about global warming and the melting of the polar icecaps. Ideas get tossed around.

Animals going extinct,  shrinking rain forests. We all read about these things and do our part to try and be more responsible as long as it doesn't interfere with our lifestyle or our goals too much. And how can it be any other way? Here is where we find ourselves. Most of us are just moving along in the world we know. Trying to do the best we can. I don't have any real answers to these problems other than knowing and understanding that we have to become much more efficient with our resources and drastically reduce our waste. Its frustrating, wanting to change things but only able to...what, make minor adjustments.

I started thinking that getting people to donate to a chaity through my site could end up being as big a challenge if not bigger than the ride itself and at least as rewarding. When I looked at it that way, the idea took on an appeal.
The oxford dictionary defines charity as...Giving voluntarily to those in need. Organizations set up to help those in need or for the common good. Kindness. Benevolence. Tolerance in judging others.
There are charity organizations where you can make real changes in peoples lives. Small donations, big impact.
The organization that comes to mind is I guess thats TV advertizing for you. But for anyone interested in giving voluntarily to those in need. For the common good and love of fellow man, it's a good choice. This is a transparent organization whos primary goal is to protect and help children.
So this is where I switch gears...the ride I will do for fun. The challenge I put on you. I challenge you to relinquish a tiny percentage of your hard earned money and donate it to World Vision.

I set up a fundraising page through WorldVision that I am really excited about. With your generous help, 2500 Zambian kids will benefit greatly.  This particular event is cool because it will help so many in an enduring fashion and we will be able to watch our approach to the fundraising target grow as I get closer to finishing my ride. The target is a modest $16,250cdn. That works out to me raising just .56 cents/kilometer Just click on the WorldVision link to learn more about this event.

To sponsor a child, the minimum dollar figure is $35cdn per month. We sponsor a child and her family in a small village in Sri Lanka. its something Ive been meaning to do for years but only just this year got around to. I realize this may be more than some people are willing or able to part with but there are a number of global disasters that WorldVision is helping with which accept smaller one time donations. As small as $10.
So, you see, there are a lot of avenues to donate to. 

 I encourage you, before dismissing this opportunity to put your generosity to work, take a boo at their website. You will be impressed by what you find.

This webpage is merely a conduit to WorldVision. All donations go directly to WorldVision. Thank You,   Bruce Gordon.