Friday, November 5, 2010

Where to Start

I've never been the sort to write down much of what goes on in my life or in my head. Always had good intentions to. Just couldn't ever seem to get organized for the task. There has been halfassed attempts over the years. Semi profound scribblings like bright little sparks scraped from the flint of my imagination. But life is full of distractions and I grow restless easily. I started to say I have never been the type to keep a journal or post my thoughts. Never that is, unless I was traveling. It just seems prudent to keep a journal while on the road. From experience I know that when touring long distances on bicycle, the journal can be reduced to a quick, sleepy account of nothing more than distance traveled, elevation gained, and actual time in the saddle. Days can sort of blur into one another and I can be caught off guard by as simple a question as.."so, where did you start from this morning?"
It's embarrassing when you get stumped with so simple a question but it happens frequently. Maybe that's a sign to slow it down a tad. Be more connected with each nights stop, every town. I'm going to make a serious effort to do that this trip. Hope I have the energy and discipline to follow through with it on a nightly basis.
This site will give me incentive to stay on top of my notes. Help keep me focused.
Just once I'd like to get home from a trip and upon reflection, think to myself...I wish I'd kept fewer notes and taken less photos.

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