Saturday, November 6, 2010

What's it all about

Guinness World Records
Global Circumnavigation...Fastest Global Circumnavigation...Fastest Global Circumnavigation by Bicycle!
Once I decided to attempt this record, a voice inside my head really started questioning why. I mean why race. Why spend nearly four months on a ride under the pressure of Guinness's rule book.Why blog about it. Why spend dozens of hours designing a website. Researching best routes, best time to go. I'm not really one for drawing attention so why not just go for a long ride. No expectations, no pressure, no timeline.
What can I say,I was hooked on the idea of this ride since realizing i could probably better the then GWR of 175 days. That was last January. Since then the bar has been raised. Vin Cox completed the attempt in 165 days and is the official holder of the record at this time. Unofficially, (at this time) Alan Bate is the guy to beat as he has circumnavigated the globe in 113 days. His was a supported ride for the most part and will be very hard to beat.  I'm looking forward  to the challenge though.
The idea, in a nutshell, is to ride 29000k either east or west. Ending up where started out and crossing a pair of antipodal pionts along the way. Guinness has a set of rules and guidelines to be followed but doesnt discriminate between supported and unsupported attempts. The clock starts at the start line and only stops for transportation across bodies of water, risky countries, etc. As soon as you clear customs, the race is on.
To date, no one from the american continent has made the Guinness attempt. All have been from Europe or the UK. No one has done it east to west yet either. Well I"m Canadian and I'm going west. I guess time will tell whether that was a good idea or not.

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