Friday, January 14, 2011

Love it when a plan comes together

Things really came together for me this week.

Got the green light from Guinness about route and travel plans. This is great news. A lot of work goes into planning any trip but one like this, where timing, distance, and so many other factors have to be considered, recorded and submitted to Guinness for approval...
Well let's just say that I'm glad they liked my plan and it wasn't back to the drawing board for me.
I also got word from this week letting me know they had a CA2.0 frame for me that, after gathering up a component package, would be sent my way. Also great news. This bike is going to be fast. It's a good 10 pounds lighter than my Giro. That's the bacchetta recumbent I have been touring on for the past 5 years of adventures.
The other good news this week is that the official time to beat was set in 2010 by Vin Cox. A time of 163 days, 6 hours, and 58 minutes.
This is good news because I had been expecting to hear that Alan Bate held the record at 113 days. Turns out, for some reason he didn't submit his evidence and as such is not officially the record holder.
At 180km/day, I can best 163 days. It will take 260km/day to finish in less than 113 days. A goal I am shooting for but not too sure about.
Even the 180km/day may turn out to be more than I can manage over so many days in a row. Many of the attempts to date had the intensions of being 120day adventures but as you can see, the fastest time yet is still a far cry from 120.
That's one of the things about this challenge that's so exciting. Its so far beyond anything ive attempted before, hard to know how it will go.

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