Monday, February 14, 2011

My heart says carbon, my mind says aluminum

I made the decision today to abandon the idea of getting and using a carbon fiber framed Bacchetta (the CA2.0) for this adventure. After many emails to the awesome team at and one from it was decided the equally impressive aluminum framed Bacchetta Corsa was the better bike for the trip. So... at the eleventh hour, we pulled the plug on the CA2.0 and the components were swapped onto a Corsa.
It would've been great to complete the attempt on a CA2.0 and so prove the carbons durability but we all agreed that the weak link was during shipping. The risk of damage during shipping is a large possibility. And with 5 flights between the start and finish line, the risk is very real. Also a very real possibility that that was as close to owning a carbon fiber recumbent ill ever get. Tragic, just tragic. Still, with only a one pound diference between the frames, a wiser choice.Now I wait for my new ride to show up via UPS. Very exciting. Christmas in February:)

Bruce Gordon

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