Saturday, April 16, 2011

Actual itinerary.

Actual itinerary.

These first few days has me wishing I'd brought an altimeter. Didn't want the responsibility of charging the garmin daily and didn't want to wear the clunky polar watch. So I've developed a sort of guideline chart you can use for future reference... You know... For your amusement:)

If max speed is high, and average speed low... It was hilly.
If to above senereo, total distance was less than 200k and ride time was tween 8-9 hrs... It was really hilly.
Over 9 hrs... Frickin hilly
If avg, max, and distance is low, but ride time high... Headwind

Day. / Date. / Destination / Distance / max speed/average/ride time
One, Friday apr 08, travel day from startline, 7723fawn rd. Hmb BC. Bus to YVR, flight to Auckland.
two, sunday april 10Auckland-ngaruawahia 154k / 67.78 / 19.24 / 7:48
Partial day, Day two began at 7:30 16.5hrs
three mon April 11 ngar-taumarunui 181 / 70.20/ 20.91/8:37
Four tues April 12 taumarunui-wanganui. 168 / 65.40/ 18.48/9:03
Five Wednesday 13 wanganui-Wellington. 202/65.17/ 21.51/9:30
Partial day, Got to terminal at Three days,11hrs, 699k
Six, thur, April 14 welli/picton-Ward 78.45/66.60/20.07/3:54
Partial day,Began riding from picton at days, 22.5hr, 777.45k
Seven, Friday April 15, Ward-Chevoit 158 / 69.13 / 18.40 / 8:35
Eight, sat, apr 16, Chevoit-Christchurch 130 / 55.10 / 20.45 / 6:19
Total so far 1070k
Nine, April 17, rest day in prep for tomorrows flight. Will ride maybe 10k west to airport.
So.... If I've calculated correctly according to GWR rules.. Including rest day etc I will have completed aprox 1080k in 7days, 6.5hrs.
Makes for an average of about 149k. Disappointing, but I know how hard I worked for those. The short daylight hours don't help. A bit of poor planning on my part left me unsure of what was up the road as far as accommodations went and I often quit the day earlier than wanted to because of distance to next motel.
Expect to see some ramping up promptly:)

Bruce Gordon

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