Monday, April 4, 2011

4 days till my trip begins.

4 days till my trip begins.

Mostly ready, but still much to do. Probably time to make a list.

There are so many people out there riding and blogging. So many fantastic stories to read. Funny, a year ago I was so naive. When I came across the website "Thisisnotforcharity" I had never read a blog and had no idea as to the global community of cyclists touring the planet. This discovery, though slow to clarify, has really come into focus for me. What a golden time we live in when people, whether solo male, or female cyclists, couples, friends, or entire families, can, after time consuming but relatively effortless Internet research, put there home lives on hold ( or maybe abandon them altogether), take to the roads of the world, explore, and near instantly share with anyone whose interested, photos, videos and their personal take on their adventurous experiences. That this is going on all around me while I toil away from one roof to the next, (don't get me wrong here, I love my work), has me eager to begin.

Eager, yet envious. For I have chosen, out of the blue and for no apparent reason, to race around the planet bent on beating a record for fastest global circumnavigation. Since making that decision i have discovered so many cyclists engaged in, or preparing for extended rides of their own. Tours that involve a much happier balance of riding and relaxation. This is an element that is missing from my mad dash. Ah well, plenty of time to relax when I'm dead:)

I have chosen (or did it choose me?)this race as my initiation into a global movement that I so admire and have begun to view as bigger than any one cycling adventurer. It's a network of people, many of them connected via the Internet, sharing their experiences, knowledge, and advice, with each other and anyone who's curious. They are spread out all over the globe and relentlessly riding through the political, and geographical barriers that one would assume folly to attempt.

Twitter seems to be one of, if not the best way to discover this global family. It is simply amazing how many enthusiasts are out there. It's comforting to know that though I'm embarking on a solo adventure, I am not alone.

Bruce Gordon

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