Sunday, April 3, 2011

The secret to Kens climbing prowess

Today was a busy day and my last sunday here at home for some time. Up and out the door early to participate in the annual April Fools half marathon. It was a near perfect day for it. The course was fast with only a few gradual hill climbs and ended out front of Pier 17 in senic Davis Bay. I finished up 1hr, 43min, 38sec. A time I never would've achieved without Andrew Hansen and Chuck Steemers dedicated and determined training runs five days a week. Andrew finished around 1:34 and Chuck.. 1:40.
I practically ran from the finish line to my truck and rushed off to complete the last roofing contract still to finish before my ride. after that it was home to change and out the door for a "farewell to me" get together my good friend Tony P. organized. I saw a lot of friendly faces (some I hadnt seen in awhile) and really enjoyed myself. Thanks to all who dropped by. Meant alot to me. Ken Knight, my buddy and companion on so many awesome bike rides, the guy who introduced me to bike touring in the first place was there and before he left, presented me with a wonderful letter. I submit it here for all to read. It just may be the best damn letter anyone about to embark on a bike tour has ever recieved. 

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