Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fwd: Globebent...the GWR challenge

> The idea is to challenge the current Guinness World Record for Fastest Solo, Global Circumnavigation by Bicycle.
> The time to beat is 163 days, 6 hours, 58 minutes and is held by Vin Cox from the UK.
> To beat the record I have to maintain a daily average of 178 kilometers but I'm shooting for somewhere between 200 and 260kms/day.
> The rules are simple.
> Start and finish points must be same location
> Rider can design his/her own route
> Journey should be continual and in one direction. Ie east-west / west-east
> Any distance travelled opposite to the direction of the attempt will be discounted from the overall distance travelled.
> Minimum distance travelled should be 28,970kms by bike and the total distance travelled should exceed the equators length. 40,075kms.
> Participant must pass through 2 approximate antipodal points during the attempt. Mine are Auckland NZ and Madrid SP.
> Though overall total time and distance must be recorded, official ride time is defined as the time that elapses between periods when the bicycle is being shipped, and only stops when the rider reaches the exact point from which it will next be transported.
> I am the first from the Americas to make the attempt. The first to choose to travel west. The first to use a recumbent, and the oldest guy to give the record a shot.
> My route begins and ends at the bottom of my driveway. I fly from Vancouver to new Zealand, then on to Australia, Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, England, the United States and Canada.
> You can view my route on my website.
> I am hoping to raise 56 cents per kilometer ridden for a charity event I have set up with World Vision. This will sustainably aid some 2500 children and there families in three communities along the southern boarder of Zambia.
> Bruce Gordon
> www.globebent.org

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